Frequently Asked Questions

Sprint Booster does not interfere and does not alter any parameters of any of the car’s electronic systems like can bus system, (ABS , ECU…etc )

Fuel consumption depends upon the driver’s driving style. Sprint Booster itself won’t increase the fuel consumption.

NO . Sprint Booster will not increase the vehicle’s HP.
Sprint Booster is a device that reprograms the signal received from the accelerator pedal giving quicker throttle response on the vehicle and works within the manufacturer’s values.

NO, There is no chance the performance to decrease after use. We have noticed that some customers feel their car’s response less improved after the passage of time compared to when the device was first installed . This mostly happens due to the fact that many drivers have used to the improved response during all this time .

Sprint Booster is not the same for every car. We have developed a big range of different part numbers specially produced to fit specific models however there are many cases that two different models use the same part number.
Please contact our authorized dealer network to check for the compatibility in your next vehicle.

Sprint Booster is compatible with ‘chipped’ or ECU reprogrammed vehicles as it’s function does not affect or alter the vehicle’s fuel injection system.

Of course. Please contact our company or our authorized dealer network in order to arrange a test drive with Sprint Booster installed in your own car!

In case there is no dealer near your area most of our dealers offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Yes. Sprint Booster comes with three years warranty .

Of course. Sprint Booster is programmed by default to work on RACE mode / Acceleration program 5 (RACE-5) -  in Automatic transmission setting.

In case you won't connect the selector switch the device will work by default on RACE-5 (AUTO).

If your car is manual transmission, we suggest connecting the switch and change the selection from Auto to Manual and then disconnect it again (in case you don't want to make use of the selector switch).

We strongly suggest though the use of the selector switch in order to be able to exploit all the functions and features of the new Sprint Booster.

The driver can choose the desired mode and program and then disconnect the switch. Sprint Booster will keep the last settings in memory.

For example: If you disconnect the selector switch while  the device is set in SPORT-9 , the device will keep SPORT-9 in memmory.

Yes, the driver can change modes and programs anytime , even while driving although we strongly suggest to avoid changing modes & programs when the accelerator pedal is depressed as the behavior of the car instantly changes.

PEDAL LOCK mode offers the option to the driver to disable the acceleration ability of the vehicle through a 3 digit PIN.

PEDAL LOCK offers extra protection against unauthorized vehicle use. With PEDAL LOCK enabled the car won't be able to accelerate even if someone has the keys of the car and turns the engine On.

PEDAL LOCK though is not an antitheft feature as if the device gets removed  from the pedal the car will be able to accelerate.

The PEDAL LOCK should strictly be enabled ONLY when the car is parked / stationary

The VALET mode limits the acceleration of the vehicle by 55 % - 65% - 75% (comes in 3 selectable levels) .It is activated/deactivated through a 3 digit PIN. By limiting the acceleration there will be a significant reduce in vehicle's performance (Power and Torque).

This allows you to control and limit the performance of your vehicle when you drop-off your car to a Valet parking.

Valet mode comes in 3 selectable levels. Each level limits the acceleration by different percentage as follows :
Level 1. The acceleration Is limited by 55%
Level 2. The acceleration is limited by 65%
Level 3. The acceleration is limited by 75%
On vehicles with low hp use only the 1st level as in 2nd and 3rd level the acceleration will dramatically decrease. Use the 3rd level only in vehicles with high hp (300+).


Sprint Booster has passed successfully the TUV tests (TUV SUD Automotive) and it is certified with European Conformity type approval ( EC type approval mark No e24031712) with regard to Directive 72/245/EEC as last amended by Directive 2006/28/EC.  
The e – mark is printed on each device.

Sprint Booster is a relatively new product. Sprint Booster is the first product globally to improve throttle response by reprogramming the signals directly from the accelerator pedal of the new technology cars with electronic throttle.
It is protected by a patent (GR1005429) in front of OBI (patent office in Greece) as well as internationally (WO2007066155, US 8,706,373 , EP1957310, AU2006323461, CN101341042B,  KR101372166, ZA200804576, MX2008007365, RU2427481).

Sprint Booster has been awarded with one of the most important awards in aftermarket industry , the ‘SEMA BEST NEW PERFORMANCE-STREET PRODUCT 2010’ award among 1400 new products.

Sprint Booster has also been honored with four ‘SEMA GLOBAL MEDIA AWARDS’ (2009-2010-2011-2017)  as voted by a group of international Journalists from automotive media around the world (28 judges from 16 key automotive markets)


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